Download Now Steel And Flesh Old Play Game

 Download Now Steel And Flesh Old Play Game

Metallic And Flesh - a mixture of medieval three-D movement and method. You locate your self within the middle a while, where 12 massive clans are fighting amongst themselves over land.

You open a massive global with oceans, continents and Islands. Europe swept the rebellion inside the North wielded with the aid of pirates.

you may be an normal robber preventing with the bandits and attacking the village. Or to swear to any of the clans and take part in big battles with sturdy combatants.

And of direction you always have the opportunity to be king of his personal clan the brand new land grabbing and attaching to itself increasingly more lords.

Client assessment This sport?

dear builders this recreation may be very nice and exciting and i have been gambling this game for two yrs. there may be only two problems the ones are: 1-the game desires better instructions. 2-when you grow to be king of a place you need to pay to abdicate the throne and it's miles too much cash please do away with it additionally you have to pay the squaddies salary whilst all lord's are paying for their very own squad. thank you and please restore these . looking forward

i love this game because it fits my pursuits in medieval style video games. i'd additionally like updates and modifications to the sport like when you press attack in your bow to pull away you don't fireplace till you press the attack button again so it is easier to intention, make the pictures Had, make the water have waves and perhaps there are greater interactions among peasants and greater skins for peasants and those.

I additionally desire there extra style of gender due to the fact I most effective see adult males peasants and squaddies in cities, and many others.

This game is exquisite but i their are a few things to speak about first make Rome in Italy 2nd add coupler more factions like Egypt, Gaul's, Britons. it might b even higher than preventing simply France ottoman empire Poland and Germany however other than those the game could be very amusing

Download Now This Game.

A very good sport i give it a five big name. anyway my question is how do you get rich it so complicated to get money and when you visit battle how will you and your squad come to fight your enemies

I sincerely love this recreation like however there may be nothing appropriate that wont have its very own hassle i might be glad if u can change the quantity we promote our weapons we purchase it with a lot money if we wanna sell out it gonna fee low.

excellent sport with the potential to be notable. Controls should use a few work. Sensitivity is constantly too little or too much. additionally an academic might be nice. I haven't any clue as to what button does what to control my army formation & assaults.

also the manner preventing spirit drops may want to use some adjusting. if you're now not preventing every 30 seconds it seems, makes the combating spirit constantly drop. Which makes it hard to sustain any sort of attacking pressure.

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